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Reduced Listening

Pierre Schaeffer described Reduced Listening as a mode of listening that focuses on the traits of the sound itself, independent of its cause and of its meaning.

Reduced Listening is an independent radio production company focusing on creative story telling, music and podcasts - for radio, online and installation.

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Late Junction

BBC Radio 3,


BBC Radio 3´s flagship programme for adventurous listeners will be produced by Reduced Listening from April 2016. Three nights a week, fifty two weeks a year, we´ll sharing records, old and new, from electronic music to field recordings, new composition to african jive, follow us online @bbcradio3. If you want to submit music for the programme, email latejunction@reducedlistening.co.uk...



BBC Radio 4,


On Monday 16th of May, 1966 two of the greatest albums of all time were released. Through archive, interviews and music from The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, we tell the story of the music from that momentous day.


The Business of Music

BBC Radio 4,


In the first of a two-part series, journalist and broadcaster Matt Everitt talks to record executives, industry insiders, artists and fans about the decisions that have transformed the record industry.


Something Old Something New

BBC Radio 4,


From a Sheffield estate, to the shores of South Carolina, Johny Pitts heads off in search of the roots of his family´s musical migration and an alternative Black British identity


Bring Your Darlings Back To Life

BBC Radio 4,


Hidden away, beneath old newspapers, books of stamps and expectant sellotape lie the best pieces of work. They are the Darlings. The stories, the ornaments, the gems we are told to cut. It's a rule of writing passed around like an illegal cigarette. You must murder your darlings. Producers, script writers, authors, editors have all had the rule thrown at ...



BBC World Service,


What does it mean to be a grown-up in the 21st Century? If the path to maturity is about stable work, marriage and a home for your family where does that leave those who haven't achieved these goals? A three part series for the BBC World Service.


Rowing Across the Pacific

Avaunt Magazine,


In an exclusive podcast for Avaunt Magazine, British adventurer Sylvia Cook recounts her record-breaking ocean voyage with legendary rower John Fairfax.


And Europe Will Be Stunned



An audio companion to Yael Bartana’s controversial and acclaimed trilogy of films And Europe Will Be Stunned which follow the evolution of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland, a not-quite-fictional organisation calling for the return of 3.3m Jews to the land of their forefathers.


The Business of Film with Mark Kermode

BBC Radio 4,


Away from the art and artifice lie the financial barriers to getting a film made. For some, the movie industry in 2015 is little more than the 'branded carnival business'. The Hollywood studio system seeks success, replication, and reliability. Has an industry that was built by risk takers now become risk averse? Independent movie makers struggle to raise the finance for ...


Drawing Room Confessions: The Madeleine

Drawing Room Confessions,


An 8 channel installation produced for Drawing Room Confessions at South London Gallery, London, Saturday 15th March 2014.