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Reduced Listening

Pierre Schaeffer described Reduced Listening as a mode of listening that focuses on the traits of the sound itself, independent of its cause and of its meaning.

Reduced Listening is an independent radio production company focusing on creative story telling, music and podcasts - for radio, online and installation.

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Rowing Across the Pacific

Avaunt Magazine,


In an exclusive podcast for Avaunt Magazine, British adventurer Sylvia Cook recounts her record-breaking ocean voyage with legendary rower John Fairfax.


And Europe Will Be Stunned



An audio companion to Yael Bartana’s controversial and acclaimed trilogy of films And Europe Will Be Stunned which follow the evolution of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland, a not-quite-fictional organisation calling for the return of 3.3m Jews to the land of their forefathers.


The Business of Film with Mark Kermode

BBC Radio 4,


Away from the art and artifice lie the financial barriers to getting a film made. For some, the movie industry in 2015 is little more than the 'branded carnival business'. The Hollywood studio system seeks success, replication, and reliability. Has an industry that was built by risk takers now become risk averse? Independent movie makers struggle to raise the finance for ...


Drawing Room Confessions: The Madeleine

Drawing Room Confessions,


An 8 channel installation produced for Drawing Room Confessions at South London Gallery, London, Saturday 15th March 2014.


More than a Desert

BBC Radio 3,


Twenty years after the death of the iconic filmmaker Derek Jarman, the poet Kate Tempest - only a child when Jarman died - creates a new radio poem on the Kent beach where he lived. Tempest has been shortlisted for this year's Mercury-prize and was named in September as one of the Next Generation poets. Listen Here


Mission Harpsichord

BBC Radio 3,


From the "skeletons copulating on a tin roof" jibes of conductor Sir Thomas Beecham to its unfavourable characterisation as the ideal instrument of the Addams Family, the harpsichord is an often misunderstood instrument - sometimes dividing audiences. Harpsichord virtuoso Mahan Esfahani heads off on a personal journey to uncover the instrument's chequered history, why the people who play ...


Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane

Port Magazine,


Homosexual, schizophrenic, depressed or misfit - for more than a century, Willard Asylum in New York was home to those discard by society. Port Magazine talks to photographer John Crispin about the suitcases the residents left behind.


Three Generations of Incarceration

BBC Radio 4,


Gary Younge travels to Los Angeles to hear the story of one family who has had three generations pass through America's criminal justice system.


1968 Day by Day

BBC Radio 4,


Every day for 6 months, Radio 4 recreated 1968 in sound, drawing on the archive and music of the time. The first week of April, 1968 saw the murder of Martin Luther King.


Our Obsession With Weather

BBC Radio 4,


The author Iain Sinclair presents a timely illustrated essay on that uniquely British obsession - the weather. Why has the seemingly-mundane weather forecast been an obsession for listeners and viewers since the early days of broadcasting? The first weather forecasts lasted five minutes and resembled a military briefing. Today they last a couple of minutes but viewers barely pay any ...