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Reduced Listening

Pierre Schaeffer described Reduced Listening as a mode of listening that focuses on the traits of the sound itself, independent of its cause and of its meaning.

Reduced Listening is an independent radio production company focusing on creative story telling, music and podcasts - for radio, online and installation.

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Tim Samuels' Sleepover: Inside the Israeli Hospital

BBC Radio 4,


Tim Samuels spends twenty-four hours immersed in an extraordinary medical scene - Israeli doctors tending to Syrians who have been smuggled over the border for life-saving treatment into a country Syria is technically still at war with.


Oscar Wilde's De Profundis

Artangel, BBC Radio 4,


Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading Prison between 1895 and 1897. His imprisonment led to one of his last great works: De Profundis. In association with Artangel and BBC Radio 4, Stephen Rea reads from Oscar Wilde's De Profundis in the prison cell where it was written.



BBC Radio 4,


On Monday 16th of May, 1966 two of the greatest albums of all time were released. Through archive, interviews and music from The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, we tell the story of the music from that momentous day.


The Business of Music

BBC Radio 4,


In the first of a two-part series, journalist and broadcaster Matt Everitt talks to record executives, industry insiders, artists and fans about the decisions that have transformed the record industry.


Something Old Something New

BBC Radio 4,


From a Sheffield estate, to the shores of South Carolina, Johny Pitts heads off in search of the roots of his family´s musical migration and an alternative Black British identity


Bring Your Darlings Back To Life

BBC Radio 4,


Hidden away, beneath old newspapers, books of stamps and expectant sellotape lie the best pieces of work. They are the Darlings. The stories, the ornaments, the gems we are told to cut. It's a rule of writing passed around like an illegal cigarette. You must murder your darlings. Producers, script writers, authors, editors have all had the rule thrown at ...


The Business of Film with Mark Kermode

BBC Radio 4,


Away from the art and artifice lie the financial barriers to getting a film made. For some, the movie industry in 2015 is little more than the 'branded carnival business'. The Hollywood studio system seeks success, replication, and reliability. Has an industry that was built by risk takers now become risk averse? Independent movie makers struggle to raise the finance for ...


Three Generations of Incarceration

BBC Radio 4,


Gary Younge travels to Los Angeles to hear the story of one family who has had three generations pass through America's criminal justice system.


1968 Day by Day

BBC Radio 4,


Every day for 6 months, Radio 4 recreated 1968 in sound, drawing on the archive and music of the time. The first week of April, 1968 saw the murder of Martin Luther King.


Our Obsession With Weather

BBC Radio 4,


The author Iain Sinclair presents a timely illustrated essay on that uniquely British obsession - the weather. Why has the seemingly-mundane weather forecast been an obsession for listeners and viewers since the early days of broadcasting? The first weather forecasts lasted five minutes and resembled a military briefing. Today they last a couple of minutes but viewers barely pay any ...