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Reduced Listening

Pierre Schaeffer described Reduced Listening as a mode of listening that focuses on the traits of the sound itself, independent of its cause and of its meaning.

Reduced Listening is an independent radio production company focusing on creative story telling, music and podcasts - for radio, online and installation.

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Late Junction

BBC Radio 3,


BBC Radio 3´s flagship programme for adventurous listeners will be produced by Reduced Listening from April 2016. Three nights a week, fifty two weeks a year, we´ll sharing records, old and new, from electronic music to field recordings, new composition to african jive.


The Dvorak Statement

BBC Radio 3,


Mahan Esfahani explores the history of African American Classical Music for BBC Radio 3.


More than a Desert

BBC Radio 3,


Twenty years after the death of the iconic filmmaker Derek Jarman, the poet Kate Tempest - only a child when Jarman died - creates a new radio poem on the Kent beach where he lived. Tempest has been shortlisted for this year's Mercury-prize and was named in September as one of the Next Generation poets. Listen Here


Mission Harpsichord

BBC Radio 3,


From the "skeletons copulating on a tin roof" jibes of conductor Sir Thomas Beecham to its unfavourable characterisation as the ideal instrument of the Addams Family, the harpsichord is an often misunderstood instrument - sometimes dividing audiences. Harpsichord virtuoso Mahan Esfahani heads off on a personal journey to uncover the instrument's chequered history, why the people who play ...