Barney Rowntree is an award-winning producer who has worked in radio for 14 years. He has made documentaries from across the world, including news, arts, music and factual based features. He has produced round-table discussions, turned features around in a week and produced a 6-month long series for Radio 4. His recent work includes a feature with PJ O'Rourke on Donald Trump, a series on the business of music and the story of how two great albums came out on the same day in 1966.


Peter Meanwell has produced music and speech output for BBC Radio 3, 4 and World Service. Over 10 years at BBC Radio 3 he specialised in new and experimental music, arts journalism, and on location music and documentary recording. As a freelance producer he has worked where radio meets visual art, with Artangel, Sinkhole, Tone Festival and Drawing Room Confessions. As a writer he has written about music for the Wire, the Quietus, Sinfini Music and Songlines, as well as co-authoring The Breakfast Bible (Bloomsbury, 2013).


Joby Waldman is an Executive Producer on Late Junction for BBC Radio 3. Over 15 years he has produced speech and music output for clients including the BBC, Penguin and The Economist. His recent work includes a pan-BBC celebration of Sun Ra’s centenary, a 10-part Kafka season for BBC Radio 3 and the BBC Radio 4 / Artangel Open Art series. He was named best drama producer at the Radio Production Awards in 2013 and 2015.